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‘Ya Ya Pop’ – Official Video – Out Now


Killers of the Deep is available to order now on CD, Vinyl & Digital.

“Move over Mick and Keef, Sharks smell blood.” – ★★★★★ Record Collector

That faint sound you can hear is the Sharkmobile revving its engine beneath the waves.

This February the Sharks ride again.

Following the death of Andy Fraser in 2015, 70’s cult band Sharks performed a series of tribute gigs. They have now reformed and recorded a new album.


Killers of the Deep has now been released on 3Ms Music

Given the talent involved it’s hardly surprising that they have made a quality product with a raw last-century feel.


What is unexpected is the sheer drive and attitude of the beast, not to mention mind-bending lyrics and some delicate techno touches to enhance the soundscape.


This is all wrapped up in a black-light cover by comic book legend Shaky Kane.


They’re back.

Get a taste of the new project below:

The old and the new

After many years and various lineups like the one pictured left, Sharks have reformed.

Listen to a teaser from the brand new album ‘Killers of the Deep’ below.

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