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Hungry to get your teeth into more Sharks stuff? Limited runs of official tees, plus the recovered ‘Car Crash Tapes’ CD and a limited vinyl EP are all available below.

Sharks Logo Tee

If your music taste has teeth, this is the way to show it.

Sharks logo + album title text printed on a black tee in a limited run.

Grab yours before they’re all chewed up!

The Shark Car Tee

What a beast this was. Possibly the best rock car of all time?

Screenprinted in classic Vivienne Westwood style on a white tee in a limited run.

Get your hands on one below:

Sharks Killers Tee

Now you can wear the fantastic album art by comic book legend Shaky Kane.

Printed on a deep black quality tee in a limited run.

Get yours from the store now:

Car Crash Tapes CD

This CD features the talents of Sharks Mark III.

Features the work of Shaky Kane depicting the actual car-crash that killed the Shark Car.

Get your copy:

Soul/Rock (Live) Vinyl E.P.

A limited Vinyl E.P. – Rock/Soul (Live) – featuring Spedding, Snips and Tosh

Get yours from the store now:

Sharks – Killers of the Deep – A3 Poster

You’ve got the album and the T-Shirt, but now you want to add some bite to your wall space. Enter, the Sharks Killers of the Deep Album Art A3 Poster.

Featuring the fantastic art of comic book legend Shaky Kane, this artwork is the encapsulation of the latest Sharks evolution.

Get yours from the store now:

Sharks – Car Crash Tapes – A3 Poster

Get yourself a print of the Sharks Car Crash Tapes Poster, in A3 size for your man-cave, window or office.

Get yours from the store now:

Sharks – 100 Club Show – A3 Poster

Were you there, or wish you were? Was it the best Sharks gig to-date? Maybe. Grab a piece of the show at the legendary venue.

Get yours from the store now:

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