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Hungry to get your teeth into more Sharks stuff? Limited runs of official tees, plus the recovered ‘Car Crash Tapes’ CD and a limited vinyl EP are all available below.

logo tee 4

Sharks Logo Tee

If your music taste has teeth, this is the way to show it.

Sharks logo + album title text printed on a black tee in a limited run.

Grab yours before they’re all chewed up!

car tee

The Shark Car Tee

What a beast this was. Possibly the best rock car of all time?

Screenprinted in classic Vivienne Westwood style on a white tee in a limited run.

Get your hands on one below:

killers tee 4

Sharks Killers Tee

Now you can wear the fantastic album art by comic book legend Shaky Kane.

Printed on a deep black quality tee in a limited run.

Get yours from the store now:

car crash tapes

Car Crash Tapes CD

This CD features the talents of Sharks Mark III.

Features the work of Shaky Kane depicting the actual car-crash that killed the Shark Car.

Get your copy:


Soul/Rock (Live) Vinyl E.P.

A limited Vinyl E.P. – Rock/Soul (Live) – featuring Spedding, Snips and Tosh

Get yours from the store now:

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