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The Greatest band you never heard of ….. and they’re back on the road.
Sharks are one of those rarest of things in rock n roll – a largely untold but huge story. They were a seminal, and to some, mythical band in the late seventies; for luminaries as diverse Bryan Ferry, Mick Jones, Johnny Marr and Jimmy Page – they were The Band. Seen at the time as their generation’s super group, their star burned short and bright before imploding in a literal car crash.
And now, despite their collective age of 297, they are getting the band back together again, and hitting the road, just to prove that in life, there really are second chances. And in a film directed by one of music’s iconic film makers Tim Pope, we’re going to be with them all the way.

The group was originally formed by Andy Fraser from the band Free, no longer with us and sadly just departed in 2015, but the rest of the band plan to make a go of it, for the sheer audacious hell of it and to see where it takes them. Just because they are in the tea time of their life rather than the beginning, it doesn’t mean there isn’t unfinished business.
Chris Spedding (guitarist extraordinaire, who worked with Roxy Music, The Sex Pistols, The Wombles and recorded with Sixto Rodriguez, but did not realise it until the ‘Searching for Sugarman’ documentary came out), Steve (‘Snips’) Parsons (who went on to forge an amazing career in film, commercials and TV music, turning his back on rock stardom, choosing to live in the musical shadows) and Nicky Judd (keyboards for many a seventies band and afterwards). Also on board are Sex Pistol/ Professionals drummer Paul Cook and bassist Toshi Ogawa from Kingmob and Hey! Hello! on bass.
The idea for reforming Sharks first came about two years ago, when Snips co-produced Spedding’s all-star solo album Joyland, which featured Johnny Marr, Bryan Ferry and Andy Fraser, amongst others.

The gig dates for a British Tour are in the diary for the September, and the plan for the film goes like this: buy a fuck-off American 1960’s car with fins (a musical jukebox with wheels) and hit the road to bring Shark love back to the British people.

This is more than a quixotic nod to the road movie – in such a car that they toured the UK in in 1973, complete with a fin on the top and shark teeth on the grille. However the original car – a Pontiac le Mans – arguably ended the band. It skidded and hit a tree on the way back to London from a gig in Cleethorpes.
Andy Fraser damaged his wrist and left – nothing was quite the same after. It led to the recruitment of an even more chaotic bass player and a second line up geared to cracking the USA. There were cocaine-fueled arguments, voracious groupies and high energy performance levels along the way….
They will add the essential shark’s fin and teeth and tour the country. Snips and Spedding talk about their current future plans as they go, and reflect on what has past – more than a few metaphorical car crashes in there as well, but rock n roll has always been about the present and the moment, which we’ll be very much in for every unexpected twist and turn. Hopefully not a tree to hit this time.
Off this actuality spine of classic rock n’ roll life on the road, we’ll be able to tell this rock and roll back story – plugging the gaps in archive with animation from the legendary Shakey Kane of Judge Dredd and Deadline Comics fame.

It’ll be a film of three acts – the set up – getting the band together, finding and kitting the car, delving into motivations to do it all again, the middle act of touring Britain, filming at a series of gigs – they’ve made those TV sets thinner and lighter now, which is far handier for the older gent to throw out of the window. All these moments will be lovingly captured on our cinema standard CCTV – we’ll mini rig the car, and
much else besides, as well as filming with a crew.
The final act – this is where Sharks ascend into rock n’ roll heaven, and
assume their place in the pantheon of the Gods. The aim is to build enough momentum to book a tour in Japan. They’ve always been hugely popular there, and we’re confident that they will break a new young audience as well, and in our Who Dares Wins mentality, we will storm those extraordinary islands.
It truly will be The Return of The Japanese Shark Gods.
The journey, which might be described as a road movie meets a coming of (old) age, will take the audience on a helter-skelter of emotions and thrills and spills, plus a few surreal happenings and laughs on the way, plus some amazing stories from the past, which will given the Tim Pope/Shakey Kane treatment will border on the mythic, and speak of a time when many young people lived without fear, and music actually felt like something, in a pre- Simon Cowell world.
And for those who aren’t music mad, this film will hold much as well – a meditation on legacy and getting older, second chances and the importance of raging against the dying of the light.

Few people have more credentials to pull this off than Tim, who apart from directing feature films in Hollywood, he has made documentary series, commercials, and some of rocks most iconic and groundbreaking videos for Neil Young, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and The Cure.

One of the most original and brilliant film-makers of his generation, Tim will be on a Sharks journey of his own, proving that it is never too late to make one’s best work.

Tim says of the Sharks film: “Expect the unexpected!” Like they say, what possibly could go wrong?!

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